About Steckle Heritage Farm

Welcome to the Farm in the City!

Steckle Heritage Farm is an Educational Farm operated by a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to providing agricultural, environmental and cultural programs to children and families in the Region of Waterloo. Settled in 1833 by John and Esther (Bleams) Steckle, it has been designated a heritage property by the City of Kitchener. Steckle Heritage Farm is a unique working farm and educational centre dedicated to providing a combination of hands on farm experiences and educational programs to youth, their families and the community.

At Steckle Heritage Farm we want to ….

CONNECT people with the agricultural heritage of Waterloo Region, from early Mennonite settlers to the farming in our community today.

EDUCATE and provide opportunities for youth to have hands on experiences with the wonders of our natural environment. 

GROW and care for our environment and provide a place where people can learn how to connect to their food and its source.

INSPIRE the city to appreciate the value of farms in their daily lives and within the economy of the Region.