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Office Hours:

January to March- Tuesday and Thursday 9-4pm (and other days thrown in!)

April to November-Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30

Although we’d love for the site to be open for visitors every day, unfortunately, we just don’t have the resources to do so. We have many programs, tours, birthday parties and even weddings that keep our staff booked and busy. The farm is also home to two private residences. Please respect their privacy and our hours of operation!


Drop in once a week to see what’s new at Steckle Heritage Farm! Spend some quality time in the fresh air, and help to support our amazing site at the same time.

WHEN?   May to October 31st , from 3pm to 7pm every Tuesday!

ENTRY FEE:  $5 a family

 If you are a Friend of the Farm your visit is FREE!

The last Tuesday of every month will see a new fancy schmancy Potluck dinner on the farm. We’ll always provide something yummy to nosh on, and the rest is up to YOU! Bring enough for 10 people or so, and that way, everyone will be able to pick and chose their favourites! 🙂 Dates for Potlucks are May 29th, June 26th, July 31th, August 28th, September 25th, and October 30th. 

Visit with our farm animals! Cuddle a cow, and hug a sheep! DSC_0440  If you have sponsored an animal, come and see how they are doing! IMG_0900
Make a fun farm craft! _DSC0061-1 Have a picnic on the property picnic
 Play in the straw barn! _DSC0394 Explore the gardens, and find a new favourite vegetable!  EBI7550edit_web

Before you visit, a helpful FAQ

Please note: Our site is TOTALLY NON-SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL may be brought onto the site. Leave your wine at home… this isn’t that kind of picnic!
Q: Do you require advance notice for visits from larger groups ?
A: For parties of 10 or more planning to attend on one of our Open Tuesdays (May through October), please call the day before your visit. If you would like to schedule a group tour on a different day, please call for more information.
Q: Will I be able to explore the barnyard and paddock areas?
A: Absolutely! We ask that you respect fencing and not go into the animal pens. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Q: Will my children enjoy a visit to Steckle Heritage Farm?
A: YOU BET! Space to run and play, animals to meet, a barn to explore…. what isn’t to enjoy? We do request, however, that all children aged 4 and younger be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. Please be safe, and do not climb on any farm equipment without permission.
Q: May I bring my dog when I visit?
A: Please leave your furry friends at home. We do not know the vaccination history of your pet, and don’t want to take the risk of anything being introduced to the farm. If you do come with a dog, we will not allow access to the farm until your pup is returned home safely. We do not tolerate animals being left in vehicles in the parking lot!
Q: What is appropriate footwear for my visit?
A: You will be in a barnyard setting with loose animals, and you may encounter wet and/or uneven terrain. We suggest that you wear closed toe footwear, and leave your ballerina slippers and flip flops at home.
Q: Will I be able to feed the animals?
A: Please do not attempt to feed the animals, as they are each on special diets. In addition, some animals are nippy (horses) and small fingers look like carrots! Ouch!